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Yorre is a FUN space for you to tell stories with confidence – AND have a BLAST! Yorre
empowers you to escape from it all and get your story out into the world. Whether it’s fictional or non-fictional, Yorre gives your ideas a voice! With Yorre, you can turn your imagination into reality by sharing exciting stories with the world! Any genre goes. Oh, AND, you’ll also be putting technology to good use while joining a community of like-minded dreamers and doers! 

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Storytelling is an art as old as time. It’s how we escape, it’s how we cope. It’s how we make
sense of this thing called life – and of course, it’s how we dose up on a healthy serving of FUN!

  • Stories are 8-minutes for short and sweet impact
  • No pressure to create hour-long dialogues!
  • Give the world a taste of your imagination! Tell fun fictional or non-fictional stories
  • Join a local community of people who want to hear and be heard!
  • Learn from others and help others learn from you too
  • Share your excitement and inspirations


The benefits of telling and listening to stories are well-documented. You can remain anonymous, but the impact will be the same! Sharing your story legitimizes it – plus, you’ll have a BLAST writing and sharing your ideas! It’s easy to feel lonely in today’s world, but storytelling brings us all just a little closer together while keeping us entertained too. Plus, you’ll feel special knowing so many people are tapping into your world of adventure! You’ll see for yourself soon enough once the Yorre community starts commenting on the stories you share!

Loves A Good Story

Imagine sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows on sticks and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa while your favorite Uncle tells a hilarious anecdote. Imagine gathering around the boardroom at work, as your favorite colleague shares a hilarious story of their escapades over the weekend. Stories whisk us away from the challenges of everyday life. Yorre was built to get your thoughts out of your mind and into the WORLD, while you hear the stories of others too. Yorre is a place for storytellers and listeners. Inspire, learn, create, and explore, while expressing yourself and creating alternate universes of fictional and non-fictional fun!


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